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Bodrum is the major resort and most attractive town on Turkey's Aegean Coast. The centre has been heavily developed for European tourists since it was discovered in the 1970s, but despite this, and heavy summer crowds, it retains an exotic Turkish atmosphere with plenty of visual interest and excitement.

Bodrum is particularly popular with the British market. There are colour fruit and veg and clothes markets that are very enjoyable.

Bodrum by night is Turkey's busiest town outside Istanbul; in high season the narrow streets are jam-packed with older people and locals simply strolling between cafes and shops, and young revellers of all nationalities bar hopping. It is famous for its laser shows and cabaret artists. At the other end of the spectrum many locals and older Turkish holidaymakers indulge themselves in meyhanes, local restaurants and bars with traditional music and dancing.

Although all kinds of international food can be found here, including the usual standbys of Chinese, Indian and McDonalds restaurants, Turkish food is very popular. The centre of Bodrum is compact and can easily be covered on foot.



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