Tourism in Crete

Crete has more attractions than any other Greek island and as such, and if you are a sightseer then this is the place to go. There are so many places of historical interest that you might struggle to get a day on the beach if you are intent on seeing them all.

Crete is also homes the famous Limnoupolis Water Park here you are able to take a pirate ship or a dolphin tour. Crete also has many gorgeous beaches that are great to relax or have fun with family and friends.

If walking is your favourite past time, then there are plenty of opportunities in Crete.  With so much different terrain to choose from, you can walk long mountain roads up to the small villages of Krassi in the east or the might Samaria Gorge in the west of the island.  More information on Samaria Gorge can be found here.

The High Mountain, the White Mountains and the rest of the mountains hide countless paths of all difficulty rates, while the gorges that are shaped between them are a unique experience as well as a challenge for every walker or climber.  


In Crete there is also a part of the Ε4 path which crosses a long area of the island and has very good sign posting.  And finally, for the lovers of climbing there is a well organized climbing area in the village of Kapetaniana, in the Asterousia Mountains of Heraklion.

The local food is great, the wines are fabulous and the whole atmosphere of this island is one to be part of. Crete is a good place to live or purchase estate in because it is will bring you a positive return on your investment yearly.


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