Tourism in Bulgaria

Bulgaria's beach and ski resorts are expanding quickly. The City is vibrant and attractive, with well-kept boulevards, varied shopping and lively nightlife. 

Spectacular mountains occupy half the country's territory and the wrap of beaches along the long Black Sea is a great place for tourists.

Visitors can stay in towns and villages that have aimed to preserve the authentic Bulgarian spirit and hospitality. Bulgaria is especially proud of its folk dances and music, national costumes and traditional rituals play an important part in the life of Bulgarians and they enjoy entwining this with their especially British tourists.

To explore Bulgaria on foot is to walk one of Europe's most ancient cultural crossroads. The intriguing legacy of the Thracians, Romans, and Slavs lines the way in architectural marvels.


The region's more recent history as part of the Ottoman Empire and the Eastern Bloc also invites discovery, each period adding to the rich character of this country, tucked into a forgotten corner of southeastern Europe.

Bulgaria is actually one of Europe's oldest countries and its cultural diversity is complemented by a mild climate ideal for walking. The country's small territory is graced with man-made and natural treasures. 

There is a landscape of astounding variety - dramatic mountain ranges, rolling countryside, fertile valleys, endless wildflower meadows, evergreen forests, timeless vineyards, rock formations, and mineral springs.

Bulgaria is a beautiful place to visit and invest in. Read on to a comment given by one of our happy clients who invested in a property in Bulgaria.

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