Spain could be seen as a household word, meaning it is one of the most talked about countries. It sees plenty of sunshine all year round, spectacular scenery and with low cost living, friendly local populace and a robust health service, you will maybe start to wonder - why either you didn’t move there sooner or why everyone doesn’t live there!

With outstanding choice of property built to the highest of quality, living in your home in Spain will be a brilliant move choice. The Ishi group have an enormous choice of new and resale freehold property in Costa de Almeria, Costa del Sol and Costa de la Luz for your holidays, retirement, investments and living space.

You can choose from apartments and condos that will suit everyone’s styles and budgets. Spain is a brilliant country that offers a lot of potential. Fun for all the family, it is a diverse country with a lot to offer!

Where we sell in Spain

Costa de la Luz

This is also known as ‘coast of light’, a beautiful unspoilt coastline to the far south west of Andulusia, stretching south from Huelva past Cadiz to Tarifa, opposite Gibraltar. The Costa de la Luz offers undiscovered tranquillity, sandy, golden beaches and peace. If you are an animal lover you will love the Donana National Park located near Costa de La Luz home to many beautiful animals and birds.

To the west of Donana and towards the Portuguese border are a number of developments with hotels, villa complexes and golf courses, including Matalascanas, Playa de Mazagon and Playa de la Antilla. There are many resorts to the coast south of Cadiz. These include the rapidly developing compexes of Zahara de las Atunes and Chiclana. The area has a good number of golf courses, and a Formula One racing circuit at Jerez.

Costa de la Luz in the winter is much quieter than its neighbours however benefits from being located close to the beautiful, historic towns of Seville, Jerez and Cadiz.
Showing strong growth properties on the Costa de la Luz are affordable. This place is certainly one of the best places to live.

Or why not have a look at a home for you in Costa del Sol.
Costa del Sol

In the southernmost coast of Spain you will find Costa del Sol. The Costa del Sol is easy to access from all parts of the world, because it lies only 30 minutes from the airport, Malaga International. There is a lot to do at the Costa del Sol, like sports, visiting historical centres, cultural activities, bars, restaurants, shops, etc. These facilities are open all year around. Leisure activities are golf, tennis, horse riding, horse racing, polo, motor racing and of course many water sports. The coast offers a 160 kilometre mixture of unbeatable sporting facilities, action-packed tourist resorts and first-class family entertainment centres. The nightlife in Costa del Sol is very active in the form of nightclubs, discotheques, and cocktail bars.

The Costa del Sol stretches almost from Gibraltar in the south towards Matril in the north. There is scenic greenery because Costa del Sol has 90% of its greenery left. It is a natural beauty!

The Costa del Sol is an ideal choice for the international property buyer. It continues to expand; the population is expected to increase by a further 50% over the next decade, so rental opportunities are good, and properties are expected to show solid capital growth.

Costa de Almeria

If you like to discover hidden treasures then Alemeria is certainly a great place to cater for your intuition. There are plenty of empty beaches and hidden coves and perfectly clear waters that need discovering.
This region is one of Spain's hottest and sunniest, and winter temperatures rarely fall below 15°C. Live here and sun it everyday all day!
Tourism in Spain

Spain as a whole is a great place to visit or live in. We have property available in the following cities in Spain. There are many sights that you will find breathtaking and enjoyable in the cities. Read on further to find out more:

Costa de la Luz

If you are a person of leisure then maybe you would enjoy the many opportunities and facilities that Costa de la Luz has to offer. These include leisure activities like fine dining, golf, kitesurfing, boating, and other water sports . This country is especially noted for the beauty of its protected natural reserves and a number of first-rate natural attractions. Among them are: the Doñana National Park, where endangered species, such as the Spanish imperial eagle can occasionally be sighted.
This dignified and undiscovered land is full of Roman remains, old Moorish settlements, beautiful scenery and fine beaches and is populated by charming Andalucian people who are proud of their superb food and fine wines. Discover Costa de la Luz for yourself today!

Costa del Sol

Or why not visit or invest in a property in the Costa del Sol translated in to English meaning the “Sunshine Coast. This region is in the south of Spain. Settlement in the region dates far back to the Bronze Age and it has been colonised and ruled by many cultures such as the Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans, Vandals, Visigoths and Moors.
Costa del Sol is heavily populated by fishing villages and in the “white” villages a little distant inland, there are mountains that run down to the coast. The area was discovered and developed to meet the demands of international tourism in the 1950’s.That’s why it is a great palce for tourism. Ever since this the Costa del Sol has been a popular destaination for foreign tourists not only for its beaches but also for its local culture. The area is particulary famous for its towns such as Marbella, which provides the Costa del Sol with its reputation for attracting super-rich and famous vistors.
If you like Golf then the Costa Del Sol is great for Golfing enthusiasts due to the high number of high quality golf courses. The country is heavily urbanised with a wide ribbon of densley- packed buildings, running along almost most of the coast. There is a lot to in the Costa Del Sol.

Costa Del Almeria

The Costa Almeria homes fantastic unspoiled nature. The Costa Almeria is as varied as any of the Spanish Coasts. The coast is completely unspoilt and may seem like the Wild West. That is why most of the European Western movies are shot in this location.

To the east of Almeria rugged and desolate coasts of the Cabo del Gato-Nijar Natural Park can be found. This is a dry desert landscape and the annual rainfall here is less than 200mm it’s a great place to visit.
Visitors feel a sense of exploration here as many of the coves can only be reached on foot. This area is particularly popular with nature lovers and back-packers. The most popular coastal village is San José West of Almeria it is a highly developed tourist resort of Roquetas de Mar and Aqua Dulce.

At the north of the Costa de Almeria are the naturist beaches of Vera; a number of new complexes are being constructed here. A little further south is Mojacar, which successfully combines the popular beach holiday with the hillside white village that tourist love to explore.

Almeria city is worth a visit with the Alcazaba castle overlooking the metropolis. To the west you can find the developing complex of Almerimar with Marinas, golf, hotels and many other facilities. Almeria is a great place to live or visit.


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