Once named as ‘the place to be’, this warm Mediterranean country gives all it can offer to its visitors. It is certainly the place to buying property now. May it be for holidays, investments or retirements. Cyprus is familiar to its Britons and most locals fluently speak English. The cost of living is low, the crime rate is low, and medical facilities are generally excellent.

The Cyprus property market is attractive to both locals and foreign investors who see it as a very stable and low risk investment that is guaranteed to yield decent returns. A key reason why the Cyprus property market is so appealing to foreign investors is that is has European systems in place; it has low taxation, and excellent communication systems and the local people speak English. The service sector is also highly skilled, very polished, professional and extremely hospitable.

If you would like more personal attention you can schedule a call back from one of our investment consultants who will give you as much information as you need over the phone anywhere in the world!

Where we sell in Cyprus

Polis is a village that retains much of its charm. There is a laid back atmosphere, traditional shops and central pedestrian area that give a real warmth. We have beautiful villas, townhouses and apartments.

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